Maître Valérie Truchet

Lawyer at the Thonon-les-Bains and Geneva bars

“Je jure, comme Avocat, d'exercer mes
fonctions avec dignité, conscience,
indépendance, probité et humanité.”
Une vision internationale, respectueuse des valeurs
et des principes du serment d'Avocat, dans le cadre de la
mission confiée par le Client

icone-marteau-justiceI am an attorney-at-law admitted to the Thonon-les-Bains Bar since 2002 and to the Geneva Bar in the UE/AELE section since 2015, pursuant to the Federal law on Lawyer’s free movement dated 23rd June 2000 and entered into force on the 1st June 2002. I hold both French and Swiss nationalities.

Thanks to my international and cross-border experience, I can advise both individual and institutional clients in respect of issues relating to French law, Swiss law or European law.

The essential principles, inherent to the Lawyer’s oath and to which I particularly care can be summarised as follows:

Independence: this rule guarantees the client that the advice to be given will never be driven by any personal interest, nor any third party interest.

Professional Confidence: this principle binds the lawyer to his/her client in any situation and nobody can force him/her to reveal what was told during the exchanges with the client.

The rule of the conflict of interests: it means that no lawyer could advise, assist or represent parties whose interests could be opposed.

Secrecy: this principle applies to all communications between lawyers, either verbal or written. Essential to lead negotiation processes, it contributes to avoid legal action when possible and desirable.

Loyalty: in the exchanges between lawyers, this principle is necessary for a fair and open debate.