Maître Valérie Truchet

Lawyer at the Thonon-les-Bains and Geneva bars

French, Swiss and European Laws

Admitted to both Thonon-les-Bains and Geneva Bars, which means in France and in Switzerland too, I can assist and represent my clients in front of the Courts of the two jurisdictions.

Bilingual in French and English, I can work in both languages, which has helped me obtain international clientele not wanting to deal with too many intermediaries and reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary expenses.

Over the years, my professional experience has been enhanced and I have developed competencies in many classic fields of law, allowing me to advise and provide my expertise, either to individual clients, or to companies/legal entities/independent professionals.

For individual clients, I assist and represent them in litigations related to family matters, succession and inheritance, labour and employment law, real estate, contractual matters, criminal law, as well as civil liability, insurance law and health matters. I can also advise clients in rural law.

In respect of my Swiss activity, this also includes Swiss obligations law, together with debt collection procedures and bankruptcy matters.

For companies, legal entities and independent professionals, I provide counsel and expertise in the areas of contract law, commercial law, banking matters, individual and collective labour law, including corporate law matters. Upon request, I can assist in setting up business activities and optimising projects by providing comparative law reports regarding French and/or Swiss options.

I can represent professional clients in any kind of judicial procedures.