Maître Valérie Truchet

Lawyer at the Thonon-les-Bains and Geneva bars



I hold the Professional Lawyer’s Certificate (or CAPA), awarded by the Regional Centre for Training of Lawyers of the Court of Appeal of Chambéry. I took the oath on the 24th January 2002 at the Court of Appeal of Chambéry.

Prior to this professional diploma, I obtained a Masters in Business Law from the University Jean Moulin – Lyon III and a double post-graduate diploma in French, Swiss and comparative Consumer Law awarded by both the University of Savoie, in Chambéry and the Law Faculty of the University of Lausanne. On this occasion, I drafted a Post-graduate thesis on the “Concept of informed consumer according to the case law of the European Court of Justice”, which was published into the “Swiss Papers on European Integration”.

I further completed an internship at the Delegation of the French Bars in Brussels, which is an entity working closely with the European Commission.

Lastly, I obtained the Swiss Advanced Certificate in Trust Management diploma, awarded by the Step Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.


After obtaining the CAPA, I worked for two years as an associate in a law firm based in Annemasse, within the District Court of Thonon-les-Bains.

I then left France and worked for ten years as an in-house legal counsel for different companies. I worked for a subsidiary of the Fortis Group, first in the United Kingdom and then in Geneva, where I was hired by the Holding of the company, just incorporated. Whilst working for the Holding, I had to legally coordinate a worldwide restructuring which brought subsidiaries located in fifteen jurisdictions under the Group Holding Company in Geneva. I worked for a total of four years for Fortis.

I subsequently worked for a South African law firm with offices opened in various jurisdictions, to meet its clients’ needs. In Geneva, I set up the legal department of the company, which originally had mainly a fiduciary activity.

Lastly, I was hired by a Family Office based in Geneva for which I was in charge of legal matters. In this position, I had the opportunity to deal with important transactions relating in particular to real estate in various jurisdictions.

Thanks to this past ten years’ experience, I can now advise international clientele, both in French and English, on cross-border matters involving French, Swiss or European laws.

I am also member of the French and Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I will be delighted to be at your service with my experience and expertise.